Challenges Galore for May Half Term

It is Challenge Week for May half term holiday care with four days of packed fun challenges. We will also go on a full day trip to the Crocky Trail on Thursday 30 May where the children can enjoy lots of physical and skills challenges and have fun with their friends. 

 We will have our very own 'escape room' where the children can solve clues to open locks and reveal the answers and beat the clock. We will undertake the 'spaghetti and marshmallow tower' challenge where the children work in teams to build the highest tower just using dried spaghetti and marshmallows! We will have baking challenges, obstacle courses, ice excavations, balancing challenges and a sensory challenge which might involve some gloop and strange textures - try and guess what they are. All challenges will be adjusted to suit younger or older children so everyone can take part. But book early as places will get filled very quickly! Early booking discount if you book by Monday 13 May. To enquire click here.