Holiday Care 2017

We had some very popular holiday care themes last year starting with 'Superheroes' (such fab costumes) then 'Detectives' (we created our very own Kidszone Escape Room), 'Easter Farm' (handling the furry animals), 'Wild West'(who could forget the rodeo machine in the garden) and 'Magic' (where Magic Philip the magician visited us) plus a bumper packed Summer holiday where we had our own Circus skills workshop, visited Peak Wildlife park, Sea Life Centre, cinema, Manchester Museum and had fun painting in the park, putting on our own puppet shows, making stop motion animation films ('Bizarro Robs the Bank' is a Kidszone classic now!) beating African drums and playing tin can alley. And we will aim offer even more fun in 2018!



On Monday created our ‘magic potions lab’ role play corner where the children were magic scientists and made potions and weird mixes. Then in the afternoon the children learned about different herbs and their properties and created their own potions in a bottle.


On Tuesday we went to the cinema to see Dispicable Me 3 - which was loved by the children. Then in the afternoon we devised our own spells and made them look old using ageing techniques.


On Wednesday we designed and made our own wizard costumes and wands and made our own magic props and tricks to amaze our friends and family.


On Thursday morning we experimented and marvelled at the magic of science with balloons, shaving foam and colour tricks and illusions. And in the afternoon Magic Philip (a real magician) performed a magic show for us and afterwards we took part in a ‘Wizarding Workshop’ where we learned some real tricks.


Inspired by Magic Philip’s Show, on Friday morning we put on our own Kidszone Magic Show and the children showed off their tricks, potions, costumes and cast a few spells too!  To round off a truly magical week we dressed up and had a disco in the afternoon with some magic snacks and party games.

Here's what we did this Summer!

Week 1 - AFRICA

In this week we created our own African Village role play area, made clay pots, went to Fog Lane Park to play games and do some al fresco painting.  We made African masks and had a full day drip to Peak Wildlife Park near Leek, Staffordshire - which was amazing!! We also created sunset silhouette pictures and had an African drumming workshop and made lots of noise and rhythmn.

Week 2 - CIRCUS

We set up our Circus tent role play area and made clown hats and props, and created popcorn art and made mini lollystick launchers for slapstick fun. The Circus House came to visit us and ran a Circus Skills Workshop – which including balancing, juggling, tumbling and lots of fun. We made our own puppet shows and did circus themed baking. For outside fun we went and played tennis at Fletcher Moss Park in the morning (involving team games and skills delivered by Susan Keaney an LTA qualified tennis coach who is superb at making tennis fun for boys and girls of all ages) and did candy floss making in the afternoon as a Friday treat. 


We set up our mini ocean scene including fishing and a paddling pool and made our own 'Oceans in a bottle'. We filmed stop motion animation under water mini films and had a trip to the Sea Life Centre, Trafford Centre.  We made footprints on a sandy beach art and sea creature crafts then borrowed St Paul's school playground for games and sports (the children love having it all to themselves) and we baked sea inspired creations. We made peg mermaids and our own messages in a bottle and ended the week with Under the Sea Bouncy castle fun.


We set up our mini dinosaur world and made salt dough dinosaurs, we also visited the  cinema at Parrs Wood and got very messy - making dinosaur soap and dinosaur slime. We did bubble wrap printing and took a trip to Manchester Museum to see Stan the T-Rex and the other dinosaur fossils. We also made dinosaur bones and hatched our very own ice dinosaur eggs and had an end of summer dinosaur party!

May Half Term Holiday Care

We had a Wild West Week for May half term holiday.  The children enjoyed making their own Wild West costumes, played on an inflatable rodeo for an afternoon, played tin can alley, created our own Wild West role play area with wagon, wigwam and straw bales. See our facebook page for pictures.  

Easter Holiday Care

Week 1 - Detectives

Monday - We set up our 'Police Station' area, Baked biscuits and did some fingerprinting 

Tuesday - Created spy cards, made bracelets and learned our names in Morse Code 

Wednesday - Code breaking and CSI fun plus a visit from the mounted unit of Greater Manchester Police (to see the horses, police officers and ask lots of questions!)

Thursday - Used our senses to detect things from our sensory bin, and took part in the Detective Challenge Room solving clues and codes to crack the case! (this was incredibly popular, the children loved it!)

Week 2 - Easter Farm 

Friday - Full day trip to Farmer Ted's Adventure Park in Ormskirk 

Monday - We created our own Farm scene in the Scout Hut with real straw bales and made wool balloon eggs

Tuesday - Egg hunt at Ladybarn Park and designed our own eggs using various craft techniques

Wednesday - Animals Take Over visited us with their cute and furry animals for the children to stroke and hold (rabbit, chinchilla, owl, rat and ferret) and we made chocolate edible nests 

Thursday - Made Easter cards and played Easter themed team games

Aswell as our themed activities, children could choose how much of the themed activities they join in with and throughout each day there is always Lego, Wii console, books, board games and lots of outdoor play equipment available.

Superhero Week - Feb Half Term

We had an amazing Superhero Week during February Half Term. Here's what we did:

Monday - We created a superhero hide out for our role play area used through the week for the children's own adventures and we had superhero training - a specially designed keep fit session to develop our superhero skills.

Tuesday - Off to the cinema at Parrs Wood on the number 42 bus to watch Trolls movie, and in the afternoon we created an action assault course for some energetic play.

Wednesday - We got crafty making our own split pin superheroes and we made our own movies with our stop motion animation kit - including 'Bizarro Robs the Bank' - see our facebook page to view this fab film.

Thursday - Costume making for our superheroes in the morning and in the afternoon we went on a coach to for a play session at Antz in your Pantz in Timperley - we booked their 'Lazer City' play room too where the children got to play with Space Age Lazer Phazers in the setting of Gotham City!

Friday - Superhero logo creative session using paint and banners and biscuit decorating and in the afternoon we rounded off the week with a disco, party food and party games - capes, masks, painted faces all added to the fun.