Easter Holiday Care Snack Menus

Here's our snack menus for Easter Holiday Care - maybe try these out with your children when you are at home? You will be amazed at what foods they will try at Kidszone (and enjoy!)


Monrning Snack - Fruit bread, oranges, blueberries

Afternoon Snack - Wholemeal pitta bread, hummous, cucumber, melon, banana


Morning Snack - Bagels, bananas, berries

Afternoon Snack - Wholemeal pitta bread, carrots, cucumber, melon, grapes 


Morning Snack - Wholemeal toast,melon, apple

Afternoon Snack - French bread, cherry tomatoes, orange, berries 


Morning Snack - Croissants, strawberries, oranges

Afternoon Snack - Wholemeal pitta bread, tomatoes, peppers, banana, pear 


Morning Snack - Wholemeal toast, banana, melon

Afternoon Snack - Wholemeal roll, cucumber, tomato, kiwi fruit, pineapple